Rnkd Media Is a marketing and consulting agency, with our consulting services we have the partnerships in place as well as the professionals with the ability leverage those partnerships to bring your business the perfect marketing strategy and a longterm solution to your marketing as we scale your business.

*we recommend this service FIRST or with our SEO & Link Building services*

Marketing Strategy & Time-Line

Establishing goals
There are many types of funnels and they hold no value if it doesn't align with what your trying to accomplish so lets set some goals


Opt-in Optimization
After we gathered information we can use the data to compare your product/service to the market see where we can fill the gaps and new customers to opt-in to your lists.


Targeted Ads
We can set up targeted ads correctly to get in-front of the right people 62% of DIY ads miss their targets due to being set up wrong and not knowing the Algorithms   


Market Analysis
Do a complete market analysis to see which funnel structure will work best for your product/service


Building The Perfect Funnel
Now we know what content resonates with customers we can build your funnel and fill it with content that will encourage opt-ins that will qualify potential customers to actual customers


Reporting & Tracking
After all that work its crucial to stay on top of your reporting data to keep your authority high RNKD Media's monthly services can help track at optimize as you scale your business 


Rnkd Media Inc.

Rnkd Media Is an online marketing & consulting agency that offers a one stop shop experience with partnerships nationwide to bring your business the perfect solution to marketing.

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